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Have Fun with a card game for the whole family, playing Papatudo.
You can even create a card, taking a picture of your face.

To play it is very simple:
1. 18 cards are dealt to each player.
2. The wildcard suit is drawn.
3. One card at a time is played.
4. Whoever has the highest ranked card of the same suit wins one point.
5. If you don't have a card in the same suit as your opponent and you have a wild card, the wild card wins.
6. The order of the suit from highest to lowest is A, K, Q, J, 10, 9, 8, 7 and 6.
7. Whoever has the most points wins the match.

Have fun and see how many victories you can get.

Pictures of human smiling faces by benzoix, wayhomestudio and cookie_studio -
Music “Fluffing a Duck” by Kevin MacLeod -

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`Retro Macth Numbers' is a casual game for all ages.
Have fun matching numbers with the same colors, getting the sum of these.
To complete a level it is necessary to obtain a certain number and with each completed level,
the challenge to match the numbers becomes more challenging.

Play to the beat of the disco age and have lots of fun!

This game runs on iOS 15 or higher for better performance.
It has gameplay mode for people with color blindness.

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"Pizza Gash" is a casual and fun game to play.

During the game you collect pieces of cheese that appear on the edge of the pizza.
You have a set of pizza cutters to choose from. With 500 pieces of cheese you can choose a new slicer.
Don't worry, although it is a large amount of cheese, you may be surprised by this one and get several pieces of cheese.
There are several delicious pizza flavors for you to cut.
The game features ads, but can be removed by the "No Ads" button that serves to purchase the removal of the ads.
Play to compete with your friends and see who can reach level 100 or get more points!
This game runs on Apple devices running iOS 13.5 or higher for better performance.

Have a good time!

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"Dear friend Hero,
After we save our planet from invasion of the dragons of Mars, we were lazing on the beach.On the fifth day the beach was sunny and everything seemed calm. Suddenly a shadow appeared and we were surprised to see a huge ship in front of us. Fortunately he had time to escape.
We received a message from the Great Green Dragon Emperor Dragons Mars, saying that came to dominate our planet.
I immediately started to call our friends and you are one of them. We need your help to win this battle! "

Mars Dragons is back! Now with much more excitement and challenges!

SAVE THE PLANET EARTH! Mars Dragons returned and are now at sea, on the beach, in the countryside, in the desert and even an amusement park! Let's play before they dominate our planet!

MORE HEROES! The gang of heroes rose! Now there are eight in total!At each stage you get blue balls that can be exchanged for a new hero. Complete your team!

CHALLENGE OTHER PLAYERS! Challenge opponents from all over the world to see who is the best hero of all and who gets in a single flight, reach 9 dragons! You will get! Let's play!

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"Dear friend,

The Great Green Emperor of the planet Mars decided to invade Earth.Our heroes discovered the secret plan and the battle began.We need your help to save planet Earth from the tyranny of the great Green Emperor.

Greetings from your friends Yelo, Gele and Zely."

One of the coolest intricacies of the iTunes App Store is the breadth of physics games, both by gameplay and idea.
Mars Dragons (by Gude Games) features 3 different firefly heroes in its unique, physics casual puzzle game with 60 levels of crisp retina display graphics, fun sounds and 5 environments of dragon-crashing gameplay. These distinct firefly heroes are shot at flying dragons to eliminate them through the 60 levels.

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