Gude Privacy Policy

All Gude Services are governed by this Privacy Policy and by using or accessing a Service You give consent to the processing, use and disclosure of your data. Please do not install or use the Services if you do not agree to this Privacy Policy.
Our privacy policy is designed to provide transparency into our privacy practices and principles, in a format that our guests can navigate, read and understand. We are dedicated to treating your personal information with care and respect.

Gude Games reserves the right to modify this Privacy Policy. Your continued use of Services will signify your acceptance of the changes to this Privacy Policy.

Section 1. How We Collect Your data
Likely situations when you make personal data available to Gude Games include, but are not limited to:
   (i) by using Gude Games’s mobile apps;
   (ii) accessing Services using a third party ID, such as gaming services;
   (iii) purchasing a product within the app (or "in-app purchase");
   (iv) using “share points with friend,” or other similar features;
   (v) requesting technical support; and
   (vi) otherwise through use of Gude Games Services where personal data is required for use and/or participation.
The data we process on you may include, but is not limited to: email address, device ID, IP-address and user names.
Gude Games may supplement your data with data received from third parties in connection with demographic, advertisement, market and other analytics surveys or services.

Section 2. Ad Serving Technology
Gude Games reserves the right to use and disclose the collected, non-personal data for purposes of advertising by Gude Games.
Gude Games or third parties operating the ad serving technology may use demographic and geo-location information (for more information regarding use of Location Data see below Section 3) as well as information logged from your hardware or device to ensure that relevant advertising is presented within the Service. Gude Games or third parties may collect and use data, for such purposes, including but not limited to, data such as IP address, Device ID, MAC address, application usage data, hardware type, Operating System information and in-game information.
The foregoing data may be used and disclosed in accordance with this Privacy Policy and the privacy policy of the company providing the ad serving technology.
If you want to be certain that no behaviorally targeted advertisements are displayed to you, please do not use or access the Services.
Some services may include the use of in-game. Such ads or sponsorships will be noted as such within the services.
Additionally please note that if you “opt out” it does not mean that you will no longer receive advertising. It just means that the advertising you see displayed will not be customized to you and your interests and may be less relevant to you.

Section 3. Location Data
To the extent Gude Games makes location enabled Services available and you use such Services, Gude Games may collect and process your location data to provide location advertisements. For example, some add-ons or offers may be available at dedicated locations. The location data is processed and stored only for the duration that is required for the provision of the location related Services.
Your fine, GPS-based geo-location is not accessed without your consent.

Section 4. Notification
Gude Games just send local notification if you choose to be notified.

Section 5. Share
There is the option to share data. Gude Games share it if you choose to share data.

Section 6. Friends
If you choose to use Gude Game’s "share points with your friends" or a similar service about Gude Games Services, Gude Games may store your friend's name and details locally. This data is not shared to Gude Games or third party.
Please note that certain features of the Services may be able to connect to your social networking sites to obtain additional information about you. In such cases, Gude Games may be able to collect certain information from your social networking profile when your social networking site permits it, and when you consent to allow your social networking site to make that information available to Gude Games. This information may include, but is not limited to, your name, profile picture, gender, user ID, email address, your country, your language, your time zone, the organizations and links on your profile page, the names and profile pictures of your social networking site “friends” and other information you have included in your social networking site profile. Gude Games may associate and/or combine as well as use information collected by Gude Games and/or obtained through such social networking sites.

Section 7. Disclosure and Transfer of Personal Data
Gude Games do not disclose or transfer any personal data collected.

Section 8. Data Retention and Correctness
Gude Games retains the collected data for the period necessary to fulfill the purposes outlined in this Privacy Policy unless a longer retention period is required or permitted by law. Thereafter Gude Games deletes all aforementioned data in its possession within a reasonable timeframe. Gude Games does not verify the correctness of personal data.

Section 9. Third Party Terms and Conditions
Please note that your access to and use of the Services may be subject to certain third party terms and conditions and Gude Games is not liable for any such third parties’ use of your personal data.
Certain Services that Gude Games may offer, such as multiplayer gaming, social networking and gaming console services, may use third party services to provide authentication for the Services with a gaming console ID, social networking ID, or gaming network account. In connection with such use, certain personally identifiable user and/or membership data may be transferred automatically to and from Gude Games.

Section 10. Special Note about Children’s Privacy
Gude Games does not knowingly collect personal information from children under 13 years of age.
Gude Games understands the need to provide extra privacy protections to users who are children. To that end, features and services such as social networking plug-ins, behaviorally targeted advertising, and collection of data for the purpose of building user profiles are not available to users under 13. Gude Games also does not allow our third party partners who engage in such practices to access personally identifiable data from users under 13.
Please note that Gude Games’s partners may have their own policies related to tracking technologies for analytics and ad-serving purposes. Gude Games encourages parents to review the list of operators below and to become familiar with those parties policies and practices.
If you have additional questions about Gude Games’s Privacy Practices related to children under the age of 13, please contact us at

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